Visa Requirements for travel to Europe

Visa Requirements for travel to Austria

Austria Travel Visa Requirements

Entry Requirements

Travel Documents:
Valid Passport.
Nationals of EU-member states and of some other states only need an official identification card or, in special cases, a passport that has expired within less than five years. Further information

Accompanying Children:
either need their own passport or must be registered on one of their parent's passports, in which case they must be accompanied by the passport-holder.

The following do not need a visa: nationals of any of Austria's neighbouring states, of EU member states and many other states. Information may be obtained from the Austrian Embassy or consulate in your country as well as the Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs. An up-to-date list can be found at

According to the Schengen Agreement nationals of non-member states who require a visa can travel to Austria with a valid Schengen visa issued in any Schengen state, without having to obtain an additional Austrian visa, as long as the visa is not restricted to other countries.

Passport Control:
As a rule, border controls are no longer made at the borders to the Schengen states. To be able to present proof of identification in case of random control checks, travellers must, however, carry along their travel documents in the Schengen region as well.

Travelling with animals:
Each animal has to be identified by either a clearly readable tattoo or a microchip.

Member states of the European Community and the EEC: Pets are allowed into Austria if their owners produce a valid EU Pet Pass.
Further Information

Third countries: Pets such as dogs or cats from 12 weeks of age need a valid vaccination certificate (rabies) in German or with an officially certified German translation. The vaccination must have been performed at least 30 days before entering the country, but no longer than one year in advance. Further Information

Important Note! Travelling with 10 000 or more in cash.
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