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On 21 December 2007, Latvia together with other new member states of the European Union Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and Malta acceded to the Schengen Agreement.

Thereby the Latvia's border with Lithuania and Estonia has become an internal border of the Schengen area and the border control on this border has been removed. Now it is possible to cross this border at any point.

Latvia's border with neighbouring countries that have not joined the Schengen Agreement Russia and Belarus has become the external border of the Schengen Area continues to be available for crossing only at border control points and during specified working hours.

On 21 December 2007, with Latvia's accession to the Schengen Area Latvian diplomatic and consular representations abroad have started to issue uniform or Schengen visas that are valid in the territory of all Schengen countries.

The main advantage of uniform or Schengen visa is that a foreigner who wishes to visit several Schengen countries does not have to apply for separate visa in every Schengen country's representation.

The maximum time that a person holding a Schengen visa may stay in the Schengen Area is three months in a half-year period, beginning on the first day of entry after crossing the external border of the Schengen area. If a foreigner will need to stay in Latvia more than three months in a half-year period he/she, depending on circumstances, will have to receive a national long-term visa or a residence permit. This visa is valid only for staying in Latvia. It will be also valid for crossing the territory of other Schengen countries in transit in order to reach Latvia.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that a foreigner can apply for a Schengen visa at the representation of any Schengen country. Visa should be applied for at the representation of the country whose territory is the only or main destination of the visit.

The accession to the Schengen Agreement has given to Latvia an opportunity to ensure that foreigners can receive Schengen visas for travelling to Latvia in the places where Latvia does not have its own diplomatic and consular representations. Presently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has concluded agreements with Germany, Hungary and France on representation in visa issuance in 21 countries.

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