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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Directorate for consular and visa-passport affairs, as well as through the cooperation with the diplomatic-consular missions abroad, makes efforts to provide expert, qualitative, and timely assistance and services to all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia who, on various basis, travel and stay abroad, as well as assistance and service for those abroad but who have their residence in the Republic of Macedonia. When the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia travel and stay abroad they should have basic information about their country of destination, be aware of the specific features of its laws and customs and take on responsibility for their behavior. In addition, they have to understand the practical legal limitations about what they could expect from the consular officers as an assistance and service, especially in cases of double nationality. When they travel or stay abroad, the nationals of the Republic of Macedonia are subject of the laws and regulations of the country in which they stay. The consular officers could not evade even local regulations which in certain countries could be very different from normal standards. In case the Macedonian nationals abroad need any assistance or service, they should apply to the nearest diplomatic-consular mission of the Republic of Macedonia. They should present as much information, data and documents as possible in order to get better, more qualitative and timely consular assistance. Certain issues could be solved immediately, while others may take longer time or cold be solved within a defined period.

Commitments and obligations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall make everything it can to provide adequate expert assistance and services to the nationals of the Republic of Macedonia staying abroad, as well as assistance and services in regard to various issues related to their stay abroad. The consular assistance is given and the services are rendered in compliance with the positive regulations of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as with the international and bilateral agreements. At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot institute and exercise rights, relations and standards for assistance and services to its nationals abroad beyond those international and bilateral legal acts. As a result of the limited diplomatic-consular network of its missions abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes efforts to provide utmost assistance to the nationals of the Republic of Macedonia especially if they are in difficult and complicated situations and in those countries in which the Republic of Macedonia does not have its mission.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate for consular and visa-passport affairs is committed to provide fast, qualitative and timely service, to inform about any individual case with its specific features using all relevant available information and in doing that not to violate the rights of others cases the interests of which should be also protected. Those who ask for services have the right to privacy, as well as to get insight into all information and documents related to their request. The right to privacy is guaranteed, so that not a single piece of information can be disclosed to other persons, including the family, without prior consent of the claimant.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sector for Consular Affairs appreciates your comments and remarks about the consular assistance which is provided to you. In that way, we can get information about what is going on, as well as how to improve and provide higher quality of the services to be rendered. The beneficiaries of those services are kindly requested to notify their positions and opinions in case they consider that the rendered service does not satisfy the standards and common practice. Any complaints and comments will be treated seriously and with due attention.

Services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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