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Visa Requirements for travel to Serbia and Montenegro

Serbia and Montenegro Travel Visa Requirements


Procedure for the registration of foreigners and granting permission to stay temporarily in Serbia


Decision on the Abolishment of the Visas for the Entry and Stay in the Serbia for Citizens of Certain Countries

At its session on 29 May 2003, the Council of Ministers of Serbia and Montenegro brought the Decision on the Abolishment of the Visas for the Entry and Stay in the Serbia which reads:

# The visas for the entry and stay in Serbia up to 90 days shall be abolished for all types of travel documents for citizens of the following countries: the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Vatican, Andorra, San Marino, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, the United States of America, Canada, Singapore, the Republic of Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

# The citizens of Albania, the Russian Federation and Ukraine may enter and stay in the Republic of Montenegro for tourist visits in the territory of Montenegro individually and in organized groups on the basis of a travel document without a visa.

# The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia may enter and stay in the Republic of Montenegro for tourist visits in the territory of the Republic of Montenegro with a travel document or a personal ID card.

# Foreign nationals from paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Decision shall be issued tourist passes at the border crossings in the Republic of Montenegro with the period of validity of up to 30 days.

# This Decision shall enter into force on the day preceding the day of its publication in the Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro.

The Decision will be published in the Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro which will be issued on 30 May 2003 and will enter into force on Saturday 31 May 2003, a day after publication.

The Council of Minister brought this Decision in accordance with the policy of good and partnership relations, mutually beneficial cooperation and full openness towards the countries of the European Union and EU candidate countries, the United States of America and other highly developed countries.

For all information related to consular matters (e.g. visas, citizenship, estates, etc.), please contact in person by telephone or E-mail the nearest Diplomatic/Consular Mission of Serbia as listed below.

Information for foreign nationals visiting Serbia who are required to obtain visas:

1. Valid Passport;
Letter of invitation (verified by the competent Serbian authority) or an invitation by a company for a business visit or a receipt or authorized tourist company certifying that the travel arrangement has been paid for (letter of credit or other payment receipt);

Return ticket;

Proof of sufficient funds in hard currency and

2. Certificate that a health fund shall cover the medical costs in Serbia, if any.

Note: Transit visa applicants are required to obtain the visa for the country they will enter after the transit through Serbia.
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