Visa Requirements for travel to Europe

Visa Requirements for travel to Sweden

Sweden Travel Visa Requirements

Passports & customs

A valid passport entitles EU and North American citizens to a three-month stay in Sweden. Citizens of other countries should check with a Swedish diplomatic representative in their home country.

The Schengen Agreement
Sweden is now part of the Schengen Agreement, an agreement on unrestricted travel for persons in Europe. This co-operation only regulates the control of persons as travellers, and does not affect EU regulations for the free transport of goods, services and capital.

Travel in the Schengen area is equivalent to domestic travel in terms of the control of persons. You therefore do not need to show your passport when travelling between the Schengen countries, but you still need to bring your passport since you need to be able to confirm your nationality in various circumstances when visiting another Schengen country.

Travellers to or from the Schengen area will go through a personal control, both on arrival and departure. Identity will be checked, as well as the validity of the passport. Travellers will also be checked in relation to a joint police register (Schengen Information System).

If you are travelling to another Schengen country everything will be more or less the same. You can find more information about Schengen at Luftfartsverket's website. Link to the right.

Member countries in Schengen from 2001:
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.

Iceland and Norway are associate members.
Visitors should always bring their passport when travelling abroad!

Passports: A valid EU passport entitles you to a three-month stay in Sweden.
Visas: Not usually required but non-EU citizens are advised to check with the Embassy of Sweden.
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